Adp coil nomenclature

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adp coil nomenclature

Evaporator Coil - A device that is designed to absorb heat in the air in order to change the liquid refrigerant that flows through it into a vapor. Package Unit - A heating and cooling system contained in one outdoor unit. Government to indicate the efficiency level of cooling equipment.

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adp coil nomenclature

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Sure looks like a 10 seer to me. Come with a. I went out tonight on a service call. Left this ADP Acoil in. They have had excessive sweat going on the furnaceSUperheat is dead on, Airflow good, Drain clear. Prolly the coil cant keep up. Originally Posted by relay I see ALot of sweat due to 60wb indoor on the cap tubes after the orifice and through the manifold on the suction line for the Acoil. Its not on the outside,its on the inside.

Another thing I noticed is that the Acoil is installed maybe a couple inches from the top of the plenum.

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Can Air flow be bouncing and blowing condensate off the coil? Condenser replaced last year and This year is hotter and they are having problems now.

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But where the T or manifold on the Coil has alot of sweat from what it looks like to me. Regardless if the pan is cracked or not im prolly better off replacing the A coil due to SEER mis match and maybe the pan is cracked. Please read this Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc. Subscribe to this feed. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. That shouldn't matter. I would be looking for lose insulation or bad pan.

Sounds normal to me. May I do not understand. It should start sweating after the piston or metering device. If water is dropping down on the furnace from the inside then most likely a pan problem if the coil is someone knew.

If the water is sweating on the outer cover and going down the side of the furnace then its an insulation problem. If the coil is good then not likely. Now some coils that have been chemically cleaned alot can lose their 'slickness' and water can drop off before it rolls into the pan. Damaged fins on the coil can also cause problems. Where exact is the water coming from? Are we talking down the middle of the furnace or up front where the gas valve is?

I assume this is in a closet or up flow.

adp coil nomenclature

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Information on an ADP coil. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This was proposed to match up with a Trane 3. I read somewhere that this is a 5 ton coil, but cannot find info on ADP site. Don't want an ovesized coil--need all of the latent capacity. Is this coil still made? Any one? With today's high SEER, really don't pay attention to the 60 number in the coil.

In the old days it meant something. Regardless of sizing, humidity control took a beating compared with the results from a Trane coil.

Originally Posted by BaldLoonie. Originally Posted by ampulman. Originally Posted by mark beiser. I assume you mean a 3 ton Trane X R The ARI directory should have tons of listings of Trane coils with that unit. Just for the R straight AC model, there are over combinations listed, not counting air handlers.

R or RA unit?

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Heat pump or straight AC? What furnace? The thing about matchups with 3rd party coils is that their ARI ratings are based on computer models, not actually testing the equipment together. I have always been very suspicious of them. As the bald one mentioned, latent capacity usually suffers with ADP coils. Trane equipment matchups tend to be a little light on SEER ratings, but generally have excellent latent capacity, and performance at indoor and outdoor conditions that are harsher than the ARI rating conditions.

Trane's all aluminum evaporator coils are also immune to the main 2 causes of evaporator coil leaks, and have a 10 year warranty. How about these numbers? I think they are Trane. Can anyone point out a link where I can find the sensible and latent capacities?The year of manufacture of Aspen air handlers and evaporator coil units is indicated by the first two numbers, after a single letter, in the serial number.

So the data plate shown above indicates the evaporator coil was manufactured in To determine other key specs of your HVAC system, see one of these other blog posts:.

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Serial Number Nomenclature

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adp coil nomenclature

Shingle Roofs. Wind Mitigation Form.BBs: With the Russian BB line coming (. But then, we thought that about Warspite. Also will be hilariously trollish if Novorossiysk is sold as a Russian premium before an Italian premium happens. Probably another 30 Russian ships total next year. Russian carrier line and second Russian cruiser line.

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Locate Your Evaporator Coil Model and Serial Numbers

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