Camera bellows co uk

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camera bellows co uk

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Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I made per your instructions but used some leftover bookbinding tape that worked well. I'll be assembling an adjustable view camera shortly. I thought for sure I would booger it up in the folding but no issues. This design is great! Thanks for posting, len. I've got a photography project in mind, and I think I'm going to tap into your 'ible to help my design concept, to make it happen.

Stay Awesome! Reply 4 years ago. Would a glass cutter work well to score the lines? They have a little wheel so should mark without cutting or ripping. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Thanks, casablanca Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. I just made one of these in my office with cardstock and box tape and it came out great.

Awesome instructable. Thanks for this.

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I've seen everywhere that making the bellows is a long and arduous process. With this how to, cutting the carton was the most time consuming bit. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Introduction: Bellows for Large Format Camera. By lennyb Follow. More by the author:. About: i am a photolab technician and an incurable packrat. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us!Their website doesnt come up and the phone number is not in use.

If they have gone, does anyone know who would make big fabric bellows in England? Many thanks. I've had email contact with them in the past few weeks and have ordered a bellows for my Linhof.

Photomacrography using Bellows and Extensions

Keith let me know that there will be some delay due to personal problems. I've heard a lot of good things about Custom Bellows and the quoted price for my bellows is very reasonable. Thanks all. Yes it seems they have changed the name to Custon Bellows. No reply on the phone so far but will keep trying. They didn't "change the name". They changed the company.

The Camera Bellows company went out of business earlier this year. Custom Bellows is the successor company's name under the new management.

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Whatever happened, Tony is now well up and running as Custom Bellows. Had a chat the other day and it seems they made the original bellows for my 30's camera and may even still have the pattens so they are well equiped to make some more. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password?Click here for complete Site Map Thanks to Juan Trinidad who has kindly provided the information in Italics on this page.

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Most light leaks consist of pinholes in the very corners of the folds - due to wear. Point a flash unit at bellows while looking from inside the camera. Popping the flash will identify pinhole points. Seal pinholes by applying Black Silicone Gasket Maker from auto supply stores. Retest bellows with flash. Alternatively I use a torch in the back of the camera in a darkened room. This shows the pin holes up quite clearly. For fixing - I use small pieces of black plastic electricians tape.

This particularly suitable for post war Agfa folding cameras as it is similar to the material their bellows are made out of.

Camera Bellows in Birmingham UK

However please note that black plastic electricians tape is only really a temporary repair as the tape needs cleaning off and replacing from time to time. Thanks also to Charlie Stobbs for the following useful tip:.

I have a repair for pinholes in bellows that has worked quite well. I put a small lamp inside the camera in a darkened room and push a pin down through each of the pinholes.

Then in the light I put a small blob of black silicone rubber RTV on the point of the pin s and pull them back up through the holes. Then I put a small smear of RTV on the outside where the pins were hopefully forming a rivet head of sorts to the blob on the inside. The camera should be left open for a day or two to allow the RTV to cure fully.

One question we often get asked is how to replace bellows. This is not something we have tried yet - however please check out our new page showing how to make an Isolette bellows!


Here also are a couple of links which might prove useful. The website of "Camera Bellows" - one of the few manufacturers left They are UK based and certainly make bellows suitable for Agfa Isolettes.

Mario's website has more info: Mario Groleau's excellent antique camera website Mario has purchased at least one bellows from the above company talks about it and other aspects of camera restoration on his website.

Well worth a look even if you are not intending to change a bellows. Got a question or can't find the info you are looking for? Click HERE to contact us. All Rights Reserved. Fixing light leaks in the Bellows Most light leaks consist of pinholes in the very corners of the folds - due to wear.Click here for complete Site Map The bellows was probably the hardest part of the camera to make - and yet once I understood how it was done - took relatively little time.

The first bellows I tried was made out of cheap 'art' paper which was easy to work and relatively light tight. The big problems turned out to be the problems in joining four A4 sheets together and the light leaks in the folds and corners once the bellows was folded up. The latter problem I unsuccessfully tried to solve by laminating various types of paper together - which only made the first problem worse.

In desperation and because Baby Benjamin was well on his way I decided to build a simple bag bellows just to get the camera finished. However looking around the web and in various books I have on camera repair I rapidly decided I could make a proper cloth bellows just as easily.

I didn't fancy trying to attach the bellows directly to the front and rear standards - so I made bellows end mounts out of an old cereal packet. Note: cereal packet cardboard was far too thin for this job. If I was making another set of bellows I'd use thick card or 3mm hardboard I used the actual standards as the template for these so they would be an exact fit. I decided to use rectangular stiffening ribs for the bellows sides and ones with 45 degree cut corners for the top and bottom.

These were to be 1cm in width and spaced about. However I had trouble deciding how long they should be. In order to solve this I made a very small sample of a bellows corner using short cardboard ribs and felt as I intended the real bellows to be. I folded this corner up and placed it against the cardboard end mount and pencilled it in - repeating at another 2 corners at least.

From this I was able to draw in the full extent of the stiffening ribs which could then be measured and reproduced in quantity. Cutting out the ribs is pretty tedious - but the more accurately they are done - the easier it will be to get the bellows to fold correctly. Even more important though that the accuracy of the ribs is the accuracy of placing them on the bellows cloth. Firstly I 'trued' up a corner of the felt so I had a decent right angle.

I then measured the position of the first column of ribs and laid them out. These were laid half on and half off the edge so that the final seam would be in the middle of the bottom side and not at a corner.

Next allowing the same gap used on the sample bellows corner I had previously made, I laid out the 2nd and subsequent columns. All ribs were stuck down using white PVA glue. Note: The more accurately you lay out the ribs - the easier it is to fold up the bellows.Specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial, scientific, or photographic bellows.

The bellows camera exists because of the desire to take cameras into the outside world and the requirememnt to keep them as small as was practical. BPM Bellows guide to the equipment you need for macro photography.

Fitting the unit to the camera. There are two methods of fitting the unit to your camera. Remove all. Refine By Brand. LensCoats Delkin This LCD Screen Shade has been specially designed for positioning over the picture viewer at the back of a digital Marriott, photography and camera books our speciality, also cameras and other photographic items, mail-order specialists. DIY Camera Bellows. Camera bellows the D. Y way, i use fabric ment to be used for home cinemas to cover the windows for a totaly dark room.

camera bellows co uk

Point a flash unit at bellows while looking from inside the camera. They are UK based and certainly make bellows suitable for Agfa Isolettes. Gortite Camera Bellows are designed for applications where sealed, light-tight protection is required. A folded-type construction using elastomer-coated fabric A folding camera is a camera type.

Folding cameras derive their name from their feature that they are folded into a compact and rugged package for storage. Shop with confidence.

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Not only do Custom Bellows manufacture for some of the most important names in the modern mass production photographic world, we also offer a service providing For a list of folding cameras, see Category: Folding. A folding camera, or folder, is a camera with bellows that can be folded so that the camera occupies less space Custom Bellows has achieved over years of ground breaking work within the photographic industry.

camera bellows co uk

Building on this vast experience, we have extended our range of Login Register Login with Facebook. Camera Bellows. About Us How to get Photos. Search companies…. Edit Camera Bellows. Top Businesses. Evaluations of Camera Bellows:. To evaluate this company please Login or Register. Pauls Road, B12 8NG. How to get. Other search results for: Camera Bellows. Camera Bellows St.I plan to use this camera.

The only problem is that it need a totally new bellows. It uses film and the bellows are about cm. I have some 6x9cm bellows and could use those but it would be good to get the right size. Does anyone have a link to a company that makes these? I did a thorough Google search with no luck.

Thank you, Mike. I once bought a bunch of bellows, mostly from NOS, and some obviously were designed for a format bigger than Let me know the dimensions of the rear end of the bellows you need and I will look through my bellows if there is a matching one among them. Mike, these people are in UK but have a good reputation for their bellows replacement service. Turner Bellows is a descendant of the company that manufactured the Gundlach Camera line; I've heard good things about them.

Universal Bellows I've heard of but know nothing about. Camera Bellows in England seems to be a favorite among lots of large format photographers, and I've heard they do exquisite work. I bought a bellows for an old field camera long ago from Western and was very pleased.

Now I make them myself but only for 4x5 and larger at this point, or I'd offer to give it a shot. Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes for you! Mike, There is a "seller" on ebay, who regularly posts Kodak replacement bellows. He may have something that will fit. Here is the link to his store.


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