Youtube blocked proxy

It works in every device like in mobile, smart phones or computers. Enter the URL of the blocked website in the text field and submit it, it will be unblocked irrestive of your location, in any device. PanProxy save alot of bandwidth in mobile while serving proxied pages. PanProxy kept the user identity completely anonymous and nothing is logged, not even the IP address so making the actual visitor completely private. PanProxy uses advanced SSL encyption technology to encrypt the data transmission making user data totally safe and untrackable.

SSL web proxy keeps the user data secure and intact. PanProxy servers are equipped with advanced Web Technologies for providing ultra fast browsing speed to it users and consumes less bandwidth as compared to other conventional web proxies.

PanProxy uses mobile friendly web design making it available in all possible devices without any problem. It supports almost every devices ranging from iPhone, android or windows phone device, tablet, laptop, mac or computer.

youtube blocked proxy

Now-a-days it has became quite normal that certain websites may have been blocked on your internet connection due to office workplace polices or your ISP or Government may have blocked it. But PanProxy can unblock those restricted site and you can surf the internet anonymously without any restrictions. PanProxy works as a mirror of the target site and provide virtual browsing experiance to the user. PanProxy uses optimized web proxy solution high end data security and free SSL encryption support which makes the transmission between user and proxy server fully encrypted and makes the user anonymous and also bypass censorship and geographical restriction providing user a complete peace of mind.

Adverts are also removed from the proxfied pages making it safer from infected sites and keeps the virus away. PanProxy provides complete anonymouse web browsing experiance. Here user can browse the internet anonymously, hiding their real IP and geographical location.

Nothing is logged about user activity making it even more safer. Everything is routed to it's high speed anonymous proxy servers so making the user completely invisible. With high end optimum bandwidth saving web technologies PanProxy web proxy is fully equipped to deliver unlimited streaming of videos and music by unblocking entertainment websites YouTube, Paneo, DailyMotion, etc.

With PanProxy, you can unblock Youtube and watch all types of videos with minimum bandwidth usage and advanced player. Unblock Youtube with PanProxy and watch your favourite videos anywhere, anytime, in any device, irrespective of your geographical location. PanProxy offers fast proxy solution to unblock and watch your favourite YouTube videos in HD formats with streaming available for different formats.

You can watch age restricted, region restricted videos including unblocking restricted videos from Vevo channel and other popular channels using PanProxy. In a nutshell, PanProxy is a complete web proxy solution unblock YouTube.

Unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any blocked site.This online tool lets you see check any YouTube video to see in which countries it is blocked at.

It accepts both regular YouTube links, as well as shortened YouTube links that usually appear on Twitter. If you have spent any significant amount of time on YouTube, you are bound to encounter this message at one point or another:.

The official explanation from YouTube: Video not available in my countryis of little help especially as it pertains to actually getting around those restrictions. But basically if you ever want to see that video, you would actually need to be located in one of those regions where that YouTube video is not restricted.

The most popular way of doing that is by using a web proxy that relays your connection through some middle-man that is located in one of those "allowed" countries for that video. And in order to be effect at this, you first need to know the exact list of countries where that particular YouTube video is blocked. It is of no use to use an American Web Proxy to bypass regional restrictions if that video is blocked in America.

For that you would need a Canadian or British proxy or whatever. But how would you even know if that video is not blocked in Canada too?

Unblock Video Sites - Free Video Web Proxy

What if it is blocked everywhere except for a few countries in Asia? And that is exactly the purpose of this site. Example Query:.

youtube blocked proxy

In order to get a big picture of all the restrictions of YouTube, we decided to do a large-scale analysis of as many YouTube videos as we could get our hands on. The first random "sample" of YouTube contains over million videos that we tried gathering in the most random way possible.

We don't know if the data that we have is good enough to make a broad generalizations about all of YouTube, but no other similar project exists anywhere on the Internet, so this will just have to do. All the YouTube data was gathered in the month of October of So if you are browsing this page in the yearsome of this data is likely to be out of date.

The most interesting revelation about YouTube, is that only a small fraction of videos on YouTube have restrictions. Only around 3. But that alone does not tell us much, that is why we dig deeper to find our what sort of content and what countries is YouTube most likely to block. First analysis is concerned about the question - are more popular videos more likely to have restrictions?

The answer is yes. What this chart below clearly shows, is that while the vast majority of YouTube videos have very few views defined as less than 10,its "restrictiveness" is not distributed equally. So yes, restrictions are far and in between, but it disproportionately falls on more popular videos - videos millions of people actually watch - which is why it would appear that a lot more of YouTube is blocked than it really is Next analysis is concerned with content.

Did you know that YouTube videos have hidden tags descriptive keywords attached to them by their uploader? Apparently YouTube is using those tags to make better decisions about what is shown to who.Can't you load YouTube or watch a video? Let's say right away: there is a solution for this kind of problem, it is YoutubeUnblocked proxy! But let's understand what are the common reasons why you may need to have Youtube unblocked. What do you need to get access to a blocked site or a video?

Maybe you need to relocate? Moving to another country and switching to another job is not worth it. You just need to make the network think that you are in a different place using a Youtube mirror.

There are several solutions to get unblocked Youtube but they utilize different kinds of technology.

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Firstly, we are talking about anonymous browsers which encrypt outgoing traffic. So you can use YouTube or any other website in the Internet. Not everyone likes the performance of this method and the specifics of the browser interface. You need to have some technical knowledge to install this kind of software and configure it. VPN service redirects traffic through a third party. This is quite a convenient way to solve a problem, but usually it is a paid service.

Also we need to notice that you need to install additional software to connect to VPN or configure your operating system. Youtube proxy is another intermediary between your computer or gadget on the one hand, and the Internet on the other.

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When you send data to a Youtube proxy, it makes request to the website and shows you blocked content. This type of service doesn't require installation of any additional software and typically it is free. YoutubeUnblocked represents this kind of service. It is a free tool to unblock Youtube and get any other tube unblocked.

You can enjoy millions of videos and music clips for free with minimal effort. YoutubeUnblocked is an intermediary server that provides data exchange between the device and servers of the biggest video hostings.

It creates indirect connection which allows you to bypass the firewall of your Internet service provider or system administrator and unblock Youtube. What do you need to get Youtube unblocked? Just try our web proxy and see how convenient it is.

Don't limit yourself, unblock YouTube or have another tube unblocked to watch any video you want! Sign up for a premium account Sign in. YoutubeUnblocked is the most advanced Youtube proxy. It allows to unblock Youtube and watch videos, listen to music, write comments, authorize and access other Youtube features. With YoutubeUnblocked you don't need to configure or install any software. It is a free web proxy, no registration and payments required to use it.

Get Youtube unblocked right now! How to get Youtube unblocked Can't you load YouTube or watch a video? Homepage User support Terms of use.We offer a free online proxy to easily access blocked websites and surf the web unblocked. You can proxy many restricted websites using our unblock proxy service. Our online website proxy is free and safe to use.

A proxy is a special piece of web program that serves as a tunnel between you and a website you want to access. When you are browsing using our online proxy, your browser only connects to the proxy server, which in replacement connects to the website.

The website is being connected has no awareness of your real IP address. This free online proxy site is designed to increase your privacy on the web by hiding your IP address assigned by your internet service provider and routing all connections through our free servers and proxies.

With this proxy service you can unblock access websites like YoutubeFacebookXvideosXnxxPornhub and many more popular sites. Porn proxy. Proxy site.

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Youtube proxy. Proxy sites We offer a free online proxy to easily access blocked websites and surf the web unblocked.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: March 7, Tech Tested.

How to access a blocked website by using proxies

This wikiHow teaches you how to view region-locked YouTube videos that display the "video is unavailable in your country" error. Doing so involves either using an online proxy service or using a Virtual Private Network VPN service to hide your computer's or smartphone's IP address. If you can't view YouTube content because your country censors it, using a VPN is most likely illegal and thus not recommended. If you want to proceed anyways, you can use an online proxy service like ProxFree.

Then, type youtube. Did this summary help you? Yes No.

How to Unblock YouTube

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youtube blocked proxy

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The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Explore this Article Using ProxFree. Using a VPN. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Open the ProxFree YouTube proxy site. This site is specifically dedicated to unblocking YouTube content, including region-locked videos. Scroll down to the "Server Location" section.

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It's at the bottom of the page. Click the "Server Location" drop-down box. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.Site is one of our new YouTube Proxy site for users to unblock YouTube on any device including mobile devices.

Our sites don't require any application to be installed and are free for anyone to use, simple to use just type YouTube. YouTubeProxy is a new YouTube Proxy Site which allows anyone around the world to access blocked websites, you can unblock YouTube or facebook with just a single click of the mouse button.

We like to make our Web Proxy Sites fast and running on the latest proxy scripts avaiable, this enables us to offer the best service possible by making sure our proxy sites are fully compatable with all the latest changes and websites so what you wanting for Unblock those blocked websites today Unblock YouTube at college, office and anywhere where its entry has been blocked with a firewall or web filter.

YouTubeProxy is only an alternate path between you and YouTube content servers, skipping the limitations of one's community. We wish to become the biggest proxy site network and built a community so we can become the best youtube proxy available, and it is offered by us free of charge!

Alot of sites are now restriced either at home or at work, College or school via firewall policys or web proxys. You can use our YouTube Proxy site to bypass many of these restictions, we act as the middle man between the website and yourself to help bypass filters and firewalls.

YouTubeProxy is a great way to access sites like YouTube or facebook for free. Getting bored all of a sudden after a class or a stressful work and you feel the urge to check out a soul-lifting or rib-cracking video on YouTube or maybe check out a couple of friends' updates on Facebook; you get on your laptop or pick up your mobile phone, type in the web address of your chosen social networking site, and right after you hit the 'Enter button', to your greatest bewilderment, you get a pop-up message telling you that the site you're trying to open is blocked!

Shocked, you try another site and yet, that same screen comes up again. Frustrating, right?

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Very insulting as well. There are several reasons why this could happen: the video you're trying to watch may be unavailable because the uploader hasn't made it available in your country yet or the video could have been blocked for your country based on copyright grounds, like most of the music videos on YouTube are banned in Germany. In China for instance, there exists government censorship of major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It is becoming easier for network administrators to block sites on their network because sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are considered as 'distractions' to you while you are at work or school and they are the ones that get blocked the most and they are the most important to you.

YouTubeProxy has been optimized with security in mind for the client and our servers, all of our Web proxy sites have secure bit ssl certificates installed this will mean all traffic between you the client and our server is fully encrypted. A big benefit of this enables you to bypass filters and bypass geo-location restrictions. The use of proxies is regarded as the simplest way to bypass any filters or blocks that the network administrator may have setup especially those powered by Glype.

Newer versions of their software include the YouTube plugin that allows you watch YouTube videos while masking behind their IP address.No need to install anything. Just type-in the blocked website URL in the above form and site will be unblocked, no-matters wherever you are, in any device. In mobile devices, GenMirror saves a lots of bandwidth while serving the proxied pages of blocked sites.

Using GenMirror, your identity will kept completely anonymous and nothing is logged about user activity, thus making yourself hidden from the visiting site and makes the user completely private. With advanced SSL, traffic is fully secured and data will be encrypted so that no one can peek into it. SSL web proxy keeps the users data secure and intact.

GenMirror uses advanced Web Technology which provide fast browsing experience to its users and consumes less bandwidth as compared to other conventional web proxies. GenMirror Web Proxy is mobile friendly. Users can use GenMirror from any device without any problem. It supports devices ranging from iPhone, android or windows phone device, tablet, laptop or computer.

It is quite possible that certain websites may have been blocked on your internet connection. This may be due to office workplace polices or your ISP or Government may have blocked it. But using GenMirror you can surf the internet without any restrictions by unblocking restricted sites. GenMirror acts as a mirror and provides the virtual browsing experience to the user as a middle.

GenMirror offers optimized web proxy solution to unblock websites with high security and free SSL encryption. Data transmission between user and proxy server is fully encrypted and secured by SSL, which makes the user anonymous and also helps in bypassing censorship restrictions. We also remove ads from the proxied pages and keep your computer safe from infected sites and keeps the virus away.

GenMirror Web Proxy lets the user to browse the websites with complete privacy. It routes the user web traffic to it's high speed anonymous proxy servers keeping the user information safe without keeping any log of user activity on it's server.

Proxy sites

GenMirror web proxy is fully equipped to deliver high quality streaming music and videos by unblocking entertainment websites YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc with optimum bandwidth saving web technologies.

With GenMirror, you can unblock Youtube and watch all types of videos with minimum bandwidth usage and advanced player. GenMirror can unblock Youtube and let you watch videos anywhere, anytime in any device. GenMirrors offers fast web proxy which allows you to unbloack and watch YouTube videos in high quality video formats with streaming options available for different formats.

You can also enjoy to watch age restricted, region restricted videos of Youtube. You can also unblock restricted videos from Vevo channel and other popular channels using Genmirror web proxy.


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